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Techrules is a Chinese company which is intending to develop a super car which runs on kerosene and electricity. This supercar from techrules will be unveiled at Geneva Motor show which will happen on March 7th. This would be Chinese first super car ever made and surely is a futuristic super car. The GT96 model was already showcased in the last year Geneva auto show and within a year it has come up with the complete model.

Techrules is a startup company in Beijing which hired Italian designer and his son to develop the coupe’s line from just a concept to live production model. They have strived pretty hard to get it to the production from just a concept. This supercar from techrules is powered by micro turbine and six electric motors inside. The turbine will charge the battery and will boost the six motors, four motors at back and two motors at front.

This GT96 supercar will deliver 1,030hp which can boost the GT96 supercar to hit 100kmpl in just 2.6 seconds. This electric supercar from techrules can reach a top speed of 350kmph. According to few sources, it runs on aviation kerosene and this is not all! The GT96 electric car has got some pretty cool features as it can run 1,306 miles per gallon. The GT96 supercar will use the techrules owned Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle powertrain (TREV).

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This supercar of China will feature laser headlights at front and LED taillights at rear. Another extraordinary feature of this super GT 96 car is that it comes with cameras in the place of mirrors and the driver can zoom into the camera if he wants to. However techrules stated that it produces only 25 units per year and the customers should book the car well in advance.

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